Recognizing Distinguished Graduates

Putnam City Schools’ graduates have gone on to become pilots, authors, teachers, and leaders in various businesses and we want to recognize those accomplishments. 

Each year, the Board of Trustees for the Putnam City Schools Foundation has the challenging task of choosing one person to be inducted into our Wall of Fame. This honor is reserved for graduates of one of the three Putnam City High Schools who have experienced significant success in their chosen field.

At the induction ceremony, the entire Putnam City community joins in celebrating the individual and the great things taking place in Putnam City Schools. The Wall of Fame resides in the Putnam City Schools administration building as a collection of portraits of all the honorees.

If you know a graduate who should be considered for this honor, please let us know! We are always looking for impressive graduates to celebrate.

Wall of Fame Honorees

Leo Mayfield - 2004


Dr. Kenneth Cooper - 2005 


Neil Woodward - 2006


Dr. Carlan Yates - 2007

Dr. Rhonda Roby - 2008

Mayor Mick Cornett - 2009

James Marsden - 2010

Bryan White - 2011

Steve Largent - 2012

Neal McCaleb - 2014

Sonny Vu - 2015

Elizabeth Garrett - 2016

Chief Ross Swimmer – 2017

Dr. Bob Blackburn - 2018

Mike Mitchell - 2019


Bob Mills, 2022